Coming to Terms Cover Art

New single "Places To Be"

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Coming to Terms Cover Art

Coming to Terms

# Track Stream
1 Daffodils
2 Heart Theft
3 Jealousy
4 A Soul's Demand
5 Peonies
Coming to Terms Cover Art

Colours of A Summer

# Track Stream
1 Shake Me Speare
2 Flurrio Feel
3 Summer Vibes
4 Remain
5 I Wanted To Write You A Song
6 Synchronised Life
7 Green Apple Treee
8 Vagabond


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About Us

Hi! We are Prismala!

Our musical journey together started in the summer of 2016, in Berlin, where all four of us went to the same school - the Nelson Mandela School Berlin.

By the end of the first jam session, we knew we were destined to make music together. Within a couple of weeks, we had gathered enough material to play a little concert and record an album. Our first album, Colours of a Summer, was recorded entirely analog using equipment from the 80s. We are still very grateful to Kieran McMahon for having let us use his home studio (bedroom) to do our recordings! The summer of 2016 finished on a high - playing our first-ever concert on the well-known Drachenberg, with a great view over Berlin, below a full, blood moon.

The intermittent years between 2016 and 2020 saw Prismala largely on hiatus. Pursing degrees in Architecture, Engineering, Sport-therapy, and International Relations in Innsbruck (and then Berlin), Bristol, Potsdam, and Dresden, respectively, meant we could only reconvene when overlapping holidays allowed.

When shared-time was possible, we used it to pursue our mutual passion - creating and performing music. Over the years, this led to 30+ musical compositions and multiple concerts in various venues, predominantly in Berlin, but also in Dresden and Bristol.

In 2018, we started a new project with the intention of recording a cohesive 5-song EP. We achieved this using a combination of digital and analog techniques. This form or recording would not have been possible without Rory Gregory, whose wisdom and guidance throughout all of it helped make this project what it is today - thank you so much! Our Coming to Terms EP is now available on all the biggest music-streaming platforms.

As of autumn 2020, Prismala will continue as a trio, with Sebastian having left the band on good terms, to focus primarily on his studies. While this is the end of a truly-wonderful chapter, it is not the end of the book. Much has been planned for Prismala in the coming months - a new chapter has already begun!

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